Hello, I am Ryan Swanstrom

I have been an online content creator for years. First as a blogger and now as a Live Interview Show creator.

I help people create interview shows.

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A Short Bio of Myself

I grew up wanting to be a professional BMX bike rider and American football player. That did not work out very well for me, so I went to graduate school and became a software engineer. Then, in 2012, I got into data science. Note: I started the first data science blog.  Along the way, I got listed as an influencer and spoke at some events.

In 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I wanted to learn how to live stream. Therefore, I created The Example Show where I visit with other interesting show creators. The show is becoming a helpful resource for anyone creating an online show or podcast. 


The Example Show

Creating an interview show is a great way to share your ideas and visit with interesting people. 
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I love to speak at events and be a guest on live shows and podcasts. 
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Data Science 101

This is the oldest data science blog on the internet. It was started in 2012. 
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This is the Whole Crew

This was taken on a recent  trip to Seattle. We got to visit some sites in the Pacific Northwest. All 7 of us. 

I am the one in the back left.