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This is a weekly, live interview show about the challenges and successes of creating a weekly show. Guests are web show and podcast creators as well as other experts helpful for building a show. If you are interested in starting an online show or podcast, The Example Show is for you.

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A Social Media Strategy with Nico De Bruyn

Nico is a social media and LinkedIn expert. We talk about building a strategy around social media and how you can make content creation a habit.
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Creating a Podcast Community with Sam Charrington

Sam has created a highly engaging community around his TWIML AI podcast. We discuss starting a podcast, finding guests, getting sponsorships, activities for listeners and more.
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Starting a Live Show and Innovation with Bill Flannery

Bill has recently started a Live show on Instagram. We talk about starting a new live show and about some new innovative products he has created.
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Starting a Podcast with Sarah Rhea Werner

Sarah is an award winning podcaster. We discussing starting a podcast and how to learn about your audience. 
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Unlimited Content Ideas with Melanie Deziel

Melanie is an expert storyteller and content creator. We discuss creativity, content creation, her new book, and the content multiplier
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There are many tools which can make creating an interview show much easier. Here is a list of the tools I use to create The Example Show. 
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